We specialise in the latest technological advances in the manufacture of dental appliances and restorations


The GC GRADIA family is a unique light-cured composite system for indirect restorations such as crowns, bridges, inlays and veneers and all types of direct restorations whether it’s in the anterior or the posterior region. With the GC GRADIA family, you can handle all your aesthetically demanding restorations easier and quicker.



We use Straumann’s CADCAM technology to be more flexible and more efficient in our daily work. Etkon™ es1 - digital laser technology designed to scan within 10 microns of accuracy, the etkon™ es1 scanner produces a 3d digital image, creating a meticulous fit for crowns, bridges and custom abutments time after time.





This metal-free, biocompatible product is ideal for anterior teeth esthetics and large-span bridges. Zerion presents an alternative for patients who are sensitive to metals.  Zerion's high strength and fracture toughness comes from the tetragonal, polycrystalline framework structure. It achieves fatigue strength of up to 1300 MPa after a dense sintering process.

  • Metal-free restorations allow for better esthetical results compared to casted metal solutions.

  • The composition of ZrO2 helps to minimize microcracks during manufacturing.

Zerion can be used for:

  • single copings and primary crowns

  • customized abutments

  • large-span bridges

  • superstructures on implants

  • high esthetic demands

  • patients with sensitivity to metals


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